Home Depot Converts 50 Rooftops to Solar Farms

Home Depot, a home improvement specialty retailer, said Thursday that it is adding solar installations at 50 stores to expand its alternative energy portfolio, essentially creating mini solar farms out of unused rooftops. The company said the project will cut electricity grid demand by an estimated 30% to 35% annually at each Home Depot store; the equivalent of powering 2,300 average U.S. homes for a year.

Home Depot is working with the Current, a start-up backed by General Electric (GE) on 20 solar installations at stores in New Jersey, as well as eight stores in Connecticut, Maryland and Washington, DC. An additional 22 stores in California and New York will receive solar, of which six will utilize Tesla (TSLA) Powerpacks to store energy and dispatch additional power as needed. “Our alternative energy projects are important elements of our sustainability and operations efforts as they reduce carbon emissions while also lowering our energy costs,” said David Hawkins, vice president of labor and operations.